Diary of a Future Best Selling Author: Writing Prompt – On the Bus 4/18/2012

As I rode the bus home, I looked up and saw two little girls sitting across from me. They were going somewhere with their father, I assume; a man sitting to the left of them who was flipping through a … Continue reading

Introvert at the Dubstep Show: Done Right This Time!

I went to a dubstep show on Friday, April 6 — the headliner, my latest favorite dubstep artist, FEED ME. I have to say, this experience was a complete 180 from when I went to see Skrillex. I had a … Continue reading

Would You Be a Rainbeau Sugar Baby?

While browsing through a Google search for an unrelated writing project, I stumbled upon a link that reminded me of a whimsical little notion I used to entertain when I was a single girl: getting a sugar daddy. Especially a … Continue reading