Introvert at the Dubstep Show: Done Right This Time!

I went to a dubstep show on Friday, April 6 — the headliner, my latest favorite dubstep artist, FEED ME. I have to say, this experience was a complete 180 from when I went to see Skrillex. I had a blast!

I feel like the stars aligned in order for me to have a good time at this show. I was honestly worried a few days prior because, though the other shows I’ve been to were enjoyable, the overall experiences were not what I’d hoped. However, Feed Me delivered exactly everything that I would want in a dubstep show.

Before even getting to the venue, Terminal 5 in New York City, I made sure to cross my T’s and dots my I’s in terms of controlling my own physiological responses to situations that are not quite ideal for me as an introvert. As I got ready I made sure I was fed and hydrated. I drank a ton of water, over 50oz, and had some snacks. I was planning on going to dinner, but ultimately forwent that in order to get to the concert early.

From the moment I got there, with my boyfriend who we’ll call J, as my guest, the kismet ensued. Doors opened at 7 p.m., but we got there closer to 7:45 p.m., and there was absolutely no line. Unlike Deadmau5; the line for that show wrapped around the Roseland Ballroom well before 8:30 p.m., when I arrived, and Skrillex; where doors at Pacha opened closer to 9:45 p.m., when they were supposed to open at 9 p.m. Granted, both Deadmau5 and Skrillex may be a tad more popular that Feed Me, and I have no clue what the line looked like later during the evening, this early bird was very happy to have gotten the worm.

I’d never been to Terminal 5 before. It’s fairly typical as far as venues go — large open spaces and strategically placed bars. As soon as we got there, I scoped the place out for seats and we were directed upstairs by security. I’d made sure to call and check that there was seating at the venue before we even bought our tickets.

The handful of early comers mostly gathered around the balcony to watch the first opening act. The DJ’s name escapes me, but he played some mellow dub tunes. J and I sat on one of the plastic couches that gave a birds eye view pretty much the entire upstairs. We definitely noted that despite the show being 18+, most of the people there looked to be in their young teens. There were lots of club kids with their furry boots and minimal clothing, and ravers with their lights and ironic t-shirts. It was kind of interesting to see because I’d never gone to shows when I was a teenager, but I know this fashion and culture has not changed much since then. I wonder if one day, I should wear a skimpy outfit to a concert, just for kicks — while I’m crossing things off of my bucket list.

J rested his eyes for a moment while I sat and bopped my head to the music. Remaining seated for the early parts of the show definitely helped me conserve my energy for later when Feed Me took the stage. I only got up to get a drink or use the bathroom. Otherwise, I was commentating on Facebook and Twitter. J was permanently glued to the seat. Dare I say we looked like the two old people in the club, save for this clearly over 40-year-old man who was there by himself and was having a little too much fun watching the young girls dance. I jokingly suggested that he could be someone’s dad chaperoning. J gave me an, ‘oh please’ look.

I loved that at the bars was a sign listing the set line up. The opening DJ finished just before 9 p.m. Then there was a short intermission before 12th Planet and another intermission before Feed Me at 10:30 p.m. And everyone started on time. In fact, Feed Me was a few minutes early.

I’d heard of 12th Planet, but I’d never heard him — his set was pretty good. A lot more lively than the last guy. I laughed and remembered a conversation I once had with a friend about how dubstep is derived from Jamaican dub music. The first songs he played were reggae and for a moment I thought it was reggae hour at a hip-hop club. It’s very interesting how music so easily transcends genres and cultures. Later on he played some more dance type music and dubstep remixes of Top 40 stuff. There was some Avicii; there was some Katy Perry, and other common songs. I danced a little, and drank a little bit more.

By the time 12th Planet’s set finished, I thought I’d have a few minutes for a bathroom break but while on line I heard the opening chords to Feed Me’s set and took off full speed back to the main area to get a glimpse. I went back to where J was sitting in order to fan girl in his face for a moment before heading to the balcony to see the fanciful and colorful ‘Teeth’ stage design. I’m honestly trying to repress the fact that when I saw the name of the show, Feed Me with Teeth, I thought ‘Teeth’ was another DJ, instead of the lit up, toothy grin of the Feed Me monster that served as the stage design.

I believe Green Bottle was the first song played after the opening. If it wasn’t, then it was To the Stars. I know Blood Red, my favorite Feed Me song, was about fourth in the set list. I was trying to squeeze to the front of the balcony, but the people there would not give. Sometime after that, I checked on J once more, I think I went to the bathroom after that, but I really don’t recall. Then I settled in at the very beginning of the balcony and inched my way to the front. From the middle of the set I remember Whiskers, Trichitillomania, Chain Smoker, and Pink Lady to name a few. I remember singing along to Strange Behavior and Cloudburn with some other concert goers who complemented me on how absolutely crazy I was going. Grand Theft Ecstasy, Silicone Lube and White Spirit were some of the last songs. Trapdoor was the last song before FEED ME stopped to thank the audience for coming, and Muscle Rollers was the encore. I honestly don’t remember the exact set list, but I know pretty much every song from all of his albums were played at some point. He even played his remix of Robyn’s Call Your Girlfriend. That was earlier on in the set, but after Blood Red, I know. I was pleasantly surprised to hear it.

As for me, I honestly was probably that annoying concertgoer that no one can stand, except for those girls I met. I hit several people while waving my arms, including a security guard. I was practically hanging off of the balcony for half of the set. And had a little bit too much fun throwing ice at the raving crowd below.

The encore ended promptly at midnight. I was completely drenched with sweat. My blown out afro had completely reverted and shrunk. My voice was hoarse. I trudged back to J, who’d been stuck with watching our jackets and my purse. I kind of felt bad, but honestly, once Feed Me had started to play, any recollection of anything else completely left my mind. Plus J was just happy that I’d had fun, he said. Dubstep is not really his thing. And I do recall he’d made friends with some of the people in the back, as he does everywhere we go.

I truly applauded the fact that Feed Me basically stuck to playing his own songs during his set. Though I know these artists are also DJs, I personally am not a fan of how some play a bunch of songs that have nothing to do with dubstep and are not even dubstep remixes. Sorry Skrill, I don’t come to your concert to hear Notorious B.I.G. He didn’t even play KILL EVERYBODY! I’m still upset about that. I remember Deadmau5’s set was also long and drawn out with songs that were not even his own — and we had to wait until the very end to hear the one song that everyone was waiting for, Ghosts N’ Stuff. Feed Me gave us exactly what we wanted, him — and nothing else. It’s funny because I first became familiar with Feed Me at the Deadmau5 show, for which he was the opening act. Even then when I didn’t know any of his songs, I preferred his set to Deadmau5.

After we filed out of Terminal 5, we took my drunk behind home and I promptly fell asleep. Since then, I’ve just been piecing together everything that I can about the night. In true introvert fashion, there is a lot I don’t even remember. All I know is it was an amazing experience, and I must see Feed Me again!


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