Diary of a Future Best Selling Author: Writing Prompt – On the Bus 4/18/2012

As I rode the bus home, I looked up and saw two little girls sitting across from me. They were going somewhere with their father, I assume; a man sitting to the left of them who was flipping through a children’s book. They were beautiful little girls. One was small and slim, with a button nose and the other wore red glasses and pigtails. The smaller one was crying. I don’t know why, but it just about broke my heart to see her tiny sniffles and a single tear run down her brown, porcelain cheek. I mouthed to her, “don’t cry,” and smiled. Trying to reassure her that whatever was wrong would be okay. I don’t know if she understood, but I sincerely hope she did and that it helped her feel better. If could, I would have taken her into my arms and rocked her until whatever care it was had dissipated. Maybe it was something frivolous that she would not even remember days from now. But I could not help but wonder if such a sweet little child was real pain…


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