The Sweetest Déjà Vu Pt. 2: 11 Tips for Landing the Job and Keeping The Faith

I can hardly believe that pretty much one-month short of a year, I not only finally have a full time job again but also it’s one in my field. The sense of relief and comfort in that is unparalleled. Now that … Continue reading

The Sweetest Déjà Vu: My One-Year Journey Through Unemployment

Walking into the office I felt a sense of déjà vu. It wasn’t exactly déjà vu though because I’d never been there before. The place was just eerily familiar. From the expanse of the office, to the filming equipment in the corner, to … Continue reading

That Awkward Moment When Your Hispanic Boyfriend Gets Called a Cracker

When I’m out and about with my boyfriend there is one very striking thing about us that seems to make people want to stop and stare as if we are circus freaks; he is very light skinned while I am … Continue reading

Diary of a Future Best Selling Author: Writing Prompt – On the Bus 4/18/2012

As I rode the bus home, I looked up and saw two little girls sitting across from me. They were going somewhere with their father, I assume; a man sitting to the left of them who was flipping through a … Continue reading

Introvert at the Dubstep Show: Done Right This Time!

I went to a dubstep show on Friday, April 6 — the headliner, my latest favorite dubstep artist, FEED ME. I have to say, this experience was a complete 180 from when I went to see Skrillex. I had a … Continue reading

Would You Be a Rainbeau Sugar Baby?

While browsing through a Google search for an unrelated writing project, I stumbled upon a link that reminded me of a whimsical little notion I used to entertain when I was a single girl: getting a sugar daddy. Especially a … Continue reading